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  Alan Hardman 70bedd7b27 Maybe I should *test* my regex lol 5 months ago
  Alan Hardman 3af03b4fd6 Finishing fixes to cube's stuff 5 months ago
  Alan Hardman 2a3ebf480a Fixing cube's comics, mostly SD 5 months ago
  Alan Hardman a98111e8e3 Fix check for existing file in loadingartist 5 months ago
  Alan Hardman 7ca520ca94 More https updates 7 months ago
  Alan Hardman 7eddda81fe Maybe the https switch is across all of Hiveworks! 7 months ago
  Alan Hardman 673ac5e84c Cube switch to https, gotta update yay 7 months ago
  Alan Hardman d7d3fcb66b Adding Camp Weedonwantcha 10 months ago
  Alan Hardman 21330e3c16 Handling weirdness with Alice Grove 10 months ago
  Alan Hardman f429c31333 Updating Alice Grove ripper 10 months ago
  Alan Hardman bd98a591eb Adding Channelate 11 months ago
  Alan Hardman cd120642d9 Update It's Walky ripper to work like DoA 11 months ago
  Alan Hardman d0f252fb2d Simplifying usleeps 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman ed5021e672 Adding Jeffrey Rowland's comics 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 8e269206c0 Adding Whomp ripper 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 91941b5d48 Support .gif files on QC 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 5b5fc4e187 Support .jpg strips on QC 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman da0ff2e830 Adding completed Jay Naylor comics 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 3244b4d00f Handle sequence interruptions in Nerf NOW!! 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman cbb23b8314 Adding Patreon notices for Gaia, Sandra and Woo 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 6d12a6d843 PSR-2 is important because it is 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 8413fd5df1 Adding "Gaia" and "Sandra and Woo" 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 7b78552c3c Skip 404 because lol 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 8576a8e2e0 Adding Two Guys and Guy 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman d19d2442c5 Updating dailies 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman d90be46be3 Adding Laura Kajpust's Dailies - Fixes #16 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 628656e461 Fixing Octopus Pie - Fixes #14 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman c3268828e2 Adding Let's Speak English 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 612ca7a3d5 Adding disclaimer about archiving 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman a8bcbb91e1 Adding GGAR - Fixes #3 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman f855b8bf0c Adding Sleepless Domain and Kiwi Blitz 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman da487d5e6c Adding Octopus Pie - Fixes #14 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 0ed85f0c9b Adding Girls With Slingshots - Fixes #1 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 82ae0a5a7f Adding Super Redundant 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 81b42de16f Adding I AM ARG! - Fixes #10 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman 8d62190eb7 Adding Crash Zoom 1 year ago
  Alan Hardman ae8228c928 Adding CommitStrip 2 years ago
  Alan Hardman ecd7b1764d Fix Blaster Nation page finding 2 years ago
  Alan Hardman c33ef7d500 Fixing Blaster Nation naming 2 years ago
  Alan Hardman 552dd2217a Adding Otaku Dad 2 years ago
  Alan Hardman c3de11a6ca Fixing some minor issues 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman 7e06a1f2ac Adding Sufficiently Remarkable 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman 198f9f26a7 Adding Alice Grove 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman 1f77b3be55 Adding Fanboys Online 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman acc9eaf8f9 Adding JL8 from Limbero.org mirror 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman 22ef239ed7 Woops. Don't echo $html. No. 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman 10803e7430 Adding Loading Artist 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman 42c0fb507a Adding Blaster Nation 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman fd2475a115 Adding readme 3 years ago
  Alan Hardman f80f79397b Adding LICD 3 years ago